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Business Improvement District (BID) for Sligo - ballot

Under the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act, 2006, business improvement districts may be established to enable schemes under which projects, services and works are carried out for the benefit of those districts.  They are funded at a minimum by the collection of a levy on rateable properties.  It is often the case that a BID Company will be able to build on the amount of the levy it collects through e.g. securing EU and other funding and to mitigate the costs associated with the levy on members by negotiating group discounts through members’ bulk purchasing power. 

They are driven principally by local business persons themselves, through a “BID Company” with a small minority of available places on its Board reserved for one Councillor and one Council official (in the case of larger Boards, places are reserved for two Councillors and two Council officials).  Their fundamental objective is to enhance their area for the benefit of their businesses and citizens.
A Sligo BID Company was formed involving, at this point, a number of business persons who have come together to drive the initiative.  Under the legislation, one of the key steps in the introduction of a “BID” is the holding of a plebiscite in which ratepayers will be afforded an opportunity to vote.  Each business located within the area will have one vote and the outcome is decided by simple majority.  
More detailed information, including a full copy of the application for a BID which, inter alia, outlines the area to be covered by the BID (basically Sligo City and part of its hinterlands) is available on  The Sligo BID Company’s website is at 
Ballots for a vote were posted to all eligible ratepayers on 21 December, 2015.  The deadline for receipt of ballots is 12 noon on 22 January, 2016.