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Food Academy Briefing Session on consumer insights

An interactive briefing session looking at consumer insights/trends, and how these can be incorporated into individual business models will take place in Bord Bia on Friday 2, 9 and 16 May for Food Academy Programme Participants only.

The session  will consist of :

Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme :

The purpose of this programme is to deliver insight into the emerging consumer behaviours that will shape business in the short-to-medium term. The Consumer Lifestyles Trends programme is a foundation of knowledge that allows the Irish Food and Drinks Industry to better predict and prepare for consumers’ future needs and wants. Trends help companies be more outward-looking, future-focused and consumer driven. Using Trends helps companies to anticipate change in  consumers’ lives and not just be responsive. Trends help organisations make sense of, and plan for, change and also act as a catalyst for new thoughts and ideas.  All material presented should prove  both useful and thought-provoking for participants. This is an interactive session.


is Bord Bia's biennial study that tracks the Irish, British and Northern Irish consumer attitudes towards food, shopping and cooking. Data is available from 2001 for the Republic of Ireland, 2003 for Great Britain and 2005 for Northern Ireland,  until the present day. It provides a detailed perspective on how consumers view food related issues and report their behaviours. Survey covers topics such as: Eating at home, attitudes towards cooking, local food, sustainability, the environment, grocery shopping and health & wellbeing.

Dates are  Friday 2, 9 and 16 May.

Venue: Bord Bia, Clanwilliam Court, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.


If you are a food academy participant contact us.