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North West Innovation Programme


In this highly interactive programme, experts will lead you through structured
analysis of your business challenges while applying practical innovation
techniques to assist uncover opportunities to grow and flourish. By learning
about why organisations struggle with innovation, participants will come
away with insight into how you can overcome this to create and capture value
and the culture of innovation in their own business. The programme will help
participants review their business situation, diagnose the level of innovation
needed, and identify and plan candidate innovation implementation projects, in
close cooperation.

Learn, Engage, Employ

The North West Innovation Programme will include:

  • 7 interactive workshops with innovation models, methodologies and examples
  • 1:1 coaching between workshops to support innovation processes and projects
  • On call access to consultants throughout the programme
  • Access to online collaboration site with workshop recordings and material

During the programme you will:

  • Identify opportunities to improve your company’s performance
  • Gain a better understanding of the challenges of the “new norm”
  • Learn from the successes and practical experiences of your mentor
  • Identify and address the issues which hinder innovation at your firm
  • Plan and prioritise achievable practical innovation projects

The North West Innovation Programme is being offered for free to suitable businesses.

Click here for the North West Innovation Programme Brochure

Express your interest in the programme by e-mailing by 21st May,2021

Note: Places on the NW Innovation programme are limited. Acceptance on the programme will be subject to approval by the LEO.