Food Academy Start 2018

Solis Lough Eske Castle, Donegal Town.
This is an Expression of Interest to participate on this programme. Please download the application form in related files below to apply. (Workshop dates 30th Aug,13th Sept,18th Oct,8th Nov,22nd Nov TBC, 13th Dec TBC
9.30 - 4.30
Business Training

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The Food Academy Start Programme

The Food Academy Start Programme is designed for people who are looking to develop and grow small-scale food and drink production businesses. The programme is delivered through workshop style training and one-to-one mentoring sessions and is supported by SuperValu. It is aimed at those in the early stages of developing their  food or drink business.

Selection criteria will apply to ensure the participants are ready for the opportunity to pitch and supply Supervalu. All potential applicants must complete the application form.

James Burke the programme trainer will contact applicants to discuss their suitability for the programme.

Programme Content

The Programme will be delivered over 6 days, one of which will involve a pitch to Regional Supervalu buyers with the potential of an in-store trial.

The following modules are covered over the course of this programme.

Module 1            Setting the scene: Overview and introduction to SuperValu and Food Academy Journey Simplified Market analysis

Module 2            The Consumer

Module 3            The Proposition (Brand management, agency management, packaging –  consumer perspective)

Module 4            Driving Sales in SuperValu (insight to Return on Sales expectations, best practice management for growth, retailer perspective on packaging)

Module 5            Food Safety including Labelling & Law

Module 6            Product Quality: Key focus on Scaling/outsourcing: Maintaining Quality. Managing growth.

Module 7            Pricing and Revise Finance (Margin Calculation, Price to Sell, Evaluation Recommended Selling Price)

Module 8            Marketing, Marketing Strategy & Tools; Pitch Preparation

Module 9            Pitch Day - SuperValu recap on key expectations for Go-Live

**Workshop content may vary slightly from that contained above*

Start Dates:

30th August 2018

Subsequent Dates:

13th September, 18th Oct, 8th Nov, 12th Dec (half day) and 13th Dec


Solis Lough Eske Castle, Donegal Town.

Programme Trainer:

James Burke & Associates (hyperlink to his website: )




Each Client can avail of up to 5 hours mentoring.

Application form:

Please see related files below. Each potential applicant must submit a completed application form.

Further Information:

Supervalu perspective of The Food Academy: