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Master your VAT in 1 day!

Council Chamber, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
Thursday Sept. 27th

Unsure about registering for VAT & what the implications are for your business? This Workshop has the answers!

This event is no longer available

Master your VAT return in 1 day!

The aim of this workshop is to assist you to understand what VAT is, whether you need to register for it or not, what the implications of registering are, and
how to prepare and submit a VAT return for your business.

Topics covered during this 1-day Workshop include:

- general overview of what VAT is, who has to charge it & what the thresholds for same are
- What VAT rate is applicable to your business?
- If you are under the VAT threshold, what are the pros & cons of registering for VAT?
- What expenses can go into your VAT return & what cannot be included
- Linking your Purchases book to the VAT return
- Dealing with purchases/sales from inside & outside the EU
- How & when to make a VAT return

Approx. 1 week after the Workshop, the Trainer will contact you for a brief 30-minute, 1-1 chat with you to ensure you've mastered the issue of VAT
as it relates to your business. These 1-1 sessions will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd & will be arranged by the Trainer.

This workshop takes place on Thursday, September 27th.

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