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Organise your Workplace for Productivity & Compliance with Covid19 Guidelines

April 14th

Anxious about how to ensure your workplace complies with Covid19 guidelines? Our 90 minute webinar will show you how to organise it!

This event is no longer available

Organise your workplace for productivity incorporating Covid 19 guidelines

How do you set up your workplace for productivity whilst complying with the new Covid19 guidelines?

This webinar will take you through the Lean 5S system with practical steps you can take to keep your workforce
both physically and psychologically safe.

Its primarily aimed at Owner/Managers who are open for business with staff onsite, but is also useful for those
with downtime who want to learn a proven system to get their place organised for increased productivity.

This webinar will be transmitted via Zoom Webinar which is an interactive webinar meeting platform, with features such as live video interaction, Q&A and polls for group engagement.

The Trainer will explain how to get/use Zoom Webinar in advance of the Webinar.

Its limited to 15 attendees for maximum engagement and value for participants.

It is a FREE Webinar, which takes place ONLINE on TUESDAY April 14th, from 11.00am-12.30am.

Once you book, the Trainer will email you in advance of the workshop to explain how you can join the online workshop.