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Pricing for early stage Startups

Training will be delivered online via Zoom
October 27th & November 3rd
Business Training

For business startups, pricing your product/service is a really challenging task. Get expert help in ensuring you're maximising the price you can charge in our Pricing workshop!

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Pricing for Early Stage Start-ups.

This 6hour (2x3hr sessions) workshop is designed to give a focussed, foundational and repeatable model to define the pricing and valuation model for new products and services.  It will give you the skills/knowledge to address one of the most challenging tasks for your new business.

Topics covered during the Workshop will include:

  • defining the inherent value in the product/service
  • examination of both variable and fixed costs
  • establishing the 'cost floor' of the product/service by applying easy formulas to calculate the unit cost
  • the four C’s model of pricing will explored, taking account of the Intermediary Costs, Competitor Factors and Price Ceiling
  • defining the economic value to the customer of your product/service & examining the customer's 'willingness to pay'
  • the 'psychology of pricing' including referencing, fear of missing out & other factors used by established brands on a daily basis

You will learn how to apply these elements to your own pricing models and how to use price innovation to test pricing and define the price sensitivity of your customer segment; prior to setting the final selling price for your product/service.


The workshops will be presented in two weekly 3 hour slots using Zoom. It is an active learning environment in which the material covered
will be applied directly to the businesses taking part. There will be a breakout session in each slot where you can use exercises to move forward with your pricing models and discuss your progress in smaller groups. 


You will have a model for pricing that will ensure your costs are covered and that you will capture the full value you are providing for your customers,
earning the maximum income possible for the supply of your product or service.


Bookings are strictly limited to businesses with a registered business address in Co. Sligo.
If you make a booking and have a registered business address in another County, LEO Sligo reserves the right to cancel your booking.