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Professionally Managing your Childcare Business SO2023 - 01

Council Chamber, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
Mar. 5th, 12th & 19th
Enterprise Week

Run or Manage a Childcare business? Let us help you acquire the skills to use good business skills & adopt simple, but effective business principles to improve business performance.

This event is no longer available

Professionally Managing your Childcare Business

A Childcare business is a business just like any other, and, as an owners/manager, you should be able to use the principles of good business management when running & managing your service. This practical training programme will equip you with the skills to use good business sense & adopt simple, but highly effective business principles.

Programme Content includes:

  • How do I know how I am doing in my childcare business?
  • How to manage my service as a business - review of numbers, budgeting ahead
  • Identifying sources of income
  • How to carry out a simple Profit & Loss for each part of my Service
  • Carrying out a breakeven point for each room or session in my Service
  • What price do I need to charge to improve profitability
  • Sample business models for childminding
  • Rights & Responsibilities of being an Employer