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SO2116c Business Website Review Clinics

All Clinics delivered online via Zoom.
Each Clinic is of one hours duration. Your time will be assigned shortly after you book.

Is your website generating enough sales for your business? Why not have it reviewed by an expert, then get feedback & an action plan to make it work harder in just 1 hour in a 1-1 clinic!

This event is no longer available

SO2116c - Business Website Review Clinics – Get more business from your website!

Q. What happens if your business isn’t easily found or doesn’t rank high enough in Google when potential customers are searching
for the sorts of products or services you offer?
A. They go somewhere else – usually to the competition.

The best way to find new customers online is for them to find you.
The higher you rank in Google search, the more clicks you get to your website. And the more clicks you get to your website, the more enquiries and sales you’re likely to get.

We’re offering businesses in the county the opportunity of having their website reviewed by an industry expert
who will give you practical, face-to-face advice in a 1 hour clinic on how you can make it work harder to attract and convert more customers.

How it Works:

  • Each Clinic is 60 minutes in duration & will be held on the specified date
  • After you book, the Trainer will then contact you to find out more about your Website and assign your Clinic time to you.
  • He will then perform this review, & discuss how you can improve the performance of your website in your 1 hour Clinic.

Please note:

  • By booking a clinic you are agreeing that you will make yourself available to attend the clinic at the time specified by our office on the day specified.
  • Bookings are strictly limited to businesses with a registered business address in Co. Sligo.
  • If you make a booking and have a registered business address in another County, LEO Sligo reserves the right to cancel your booking.