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SO2146a Business Sustainability in the Childcare Sector post Covid/EWSS

Training will be delivered online via Zoom. The Trainer will provide participants with a link to access the training.

This workshop will explore learning points that have arisen from the COVID crisis – from the perspective of exploring both the viability & sustainability of childcare businesses post Covid.


SO2146a Business sustainability in the Childcare Sector post COVID/EWSS

This workshop, run in association with Sligo County Childcare Committee, will explore learning points that have arisen from the COVID crisis – from the perspective of viability and sustainability.

For many businesses, including childcare services, the crisis has highlighted some ‘truths’ about their businesses and now is an opportune time to address these truths, prior to the businesses ‘settling’ back to their own way of operating.

Workshop content will include:

  • Deciding on a new plan, i.e. preparing a plan for your business post COVID, taking into account the change in circumstances and the potential for other crisis to arise in the future.
  • Learning points - What can be learned from the Covid crisis? What do I know about my business now, that I did not prior to the crisis?
  • Financial information is the key to survival - the crisis has shown that, unless childcare businesses have a clear understanding of the costs being incurred, they cannot respond to critical changes in a business in a viable or sustainable manner. As a result, the session will highlight the importance of all financial information for the current service, including: (a) Structure fees (b) Occupancy (c) Staff costs (d) Costs per room (childcare service) (e) Breakeven points
  • Overview of current staffing structures to meet future needs of the business.
  • Review of management structure, including operational management and strategic planning

How it Works:

  • Prior to the Workshop, the Trainer will email you a link to enable you to join the Training at the specified time on the specified date.

Please Note:

  • Bookings are strictly limited to businesses with a registered business address in Co. Sligo.
  • If you make a booking and have a registered business address in another County, LEO Sligo reserves the right to cancel your booking.