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SO2215b Facebook & Instagram Paid Adverts - Advanced

Social Media

Are you already using Facebook/Instagram & now want to start using paid adverts strategically to improve your bottom line? Then this workshop is for you!

This event is no longer available

SO2215a Facebook & Instagram Paid Adverts - Advanced

This practical, one-day Workshop will help you with:

  • 5 Step Overview of Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Creating Audiences for (Facebook & Instagram) Ads in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Create an audience that matches your buyer persona
  • How to target people based on their demographics
  • How to create remarketing audiences
  • What Audiences to Use and When
  • How Ads are Structured
  • 13 different Facebook Objectives and when to use them
  • Understanding Ads Sets & Ads
  • Step by step guide on using Facebook Ads Manager to Create Ads
  • Interpreting Results to Inform Future Campaigns

How it Works:

  • Prior to the Workshop, the Trainer will email you a link to enable you to join the Training at the specified time on the specified date.

Please Note:

  • Bookings are strictly limited to businesses with a registered business address in Co. Sligo.
  • If you make a booking and have a registered business address in another County, LEO Sligo reserves the right to cancel your booking.