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SWIBN Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

29th September
7pm to 9pm

The Sligo Women In Business Network invite you to attend this online event. Guest Speaker: Aoife O'Brien

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Overcoming Impostor SyndromeSligo Women In Busienss

  • Are you not putting yourself forward for opportunities you know you're well capable of?
  • Are you doubting your own abilities to deliver on your promises to your clients?
  • Are you thinking "everyone else" is so much better than you are?
  • Are you totally afraid of being "found out" as the fraud that you are?
  • Are you just going for this "one more qualification" and then you'll feel capable?
  • Are you worried that you really are an imposter, that no one else feels like you?


During this webinar, Aoife O’Brien from Empowerment Coaching will talk about Imposter Syndrome:

What it is, how it shows up, the kinds of imposter, and what we can do to overcome imposter Syndrome.

Aoife O Brien

Before launching her own business, Empowerment Coaching, Aoife had a successful 17 years in the corporate world, working with global companies to solve marketing problems. She is passionate about empowering people to be happier at work. She works with organisations and individuals, running workshops, consultancy programs, and one-to-one sessions.  She is passionate about ‘fit’ and specifically how creating the right environment can help individuals to reach their full potential and support organisations to thrive. Understanding humans and how they behave at work is key to this. She has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Perth and Sydney and is currently studying for a MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour. She has a podcast called Happier at Work.

Aoife has been featured on several media platforms speaking about imposter syndrome. Notably, 2FM, Today FM and She has also delivered several key note speeches on this topic and works with organisations to help senior leaders overcome their inner imposter.

In her spare time she loves to travel – she has been to all 7 continents, and has travelled solo through most of the world, with camera in hand. She enjoys connecting with new people and trying new things, and keeps fit by doing yoga, and running.