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Social Media 1-1 Clinics - get expert help to improve your Social Media Marketing!

Meeting Room 4, Floor 1, City Hall, Quay St., Sligo
April 17th & 18th 10.00-17.00
Each Clinic is of 1 hours duration
Social Media

Do you want to get some 1-1 help from a Social Media expert to help you improve your own Social Media marketing skills? Try our 1-hour, 1-1 Clinics!

This event is no longer available

Social Media 1-1 Clinics

The whole marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of social media. Local Enterprise Office Sligo are offering you the opportunity to book a one-on-one slot with an industry expert who will work with you on an individual basis to examine your current online marketing activities and will help you formulate an effective social media marketing strategy. 

This clinic can prove very beneficial to those starting out in using Social Media for business who need advice on where to start; or for those currently in business who need to review and improve their online marketing activities. 

Each Clinic is 60 minutes in duration and your date & time will be assigned to you shortly after you book.