Training Delivery Opportunities 2017

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Sligo intend to offer the following Business Skills Training Programmes to micro-enterprises in Co. Sligo during 2017.

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Sligo intend to offer the following Business Skills Training Programmes to micro-enterprises in Co. Sligo during 2017.

We would welcome specifications and prices from interested parties regarding delivery of Business Skills Training Programmes.

Price submitted should be inclusive of all costs relating to the training initiative, with the exception of training venue costs, which shall be borne by Local Enterprise Office Sligo.

Submissions should include a copy of both a current tax clearance certificate and professional indemnity insurance.

Any costs associated with the preparation and/or submission of specifications are in no way attributable to Local Enterprise Office Sligo.

All Specifications are received and Contracts which subsequently may be awarded are dependent on demand for places on the Programme, availability of funding to Local Enterprise Office Sligo and priorities for Local Enterprise Office Sligo.

Local Enterprise Office Sligo may choose to deliver only some of the Training Programmes outlined below and may select other Training Programmes not featured below for delivery during 2017.

If a programme, is delivered more than once during the year, LEO Sligo reserves the right to select more than one supplier to deliver same.

LEO Sligo reserves the right to select Programmes/Workshops from this list to offer to its client as it chooses.

LEO Sligo may choose to offer additional training options during the year as demand and budgetary position dictates.

All Programmes/Workshops advertised may not necessarily be offered/ran by LEO Sligo.

When submitting prices/specifications to deliver Training Programmes, please ensure that you quote the Programme title and ref. no as outlined below.

‘Suggested Content’ as outlined below is exactly that – we welcome any suggestions you may have in regard to the exact content, etc. of the Programme.

Programme Titles:

Start Your Own Business SO/17/01

Certification desirable.

Objective: To assist participants in developing an understanding of the issues involved in becoming self-employed and to facilitate them in developing a business plan to establish the potential viability of their business.

Duration: 6 x 3 hr. sessions (Total Group work = 18 hours), PLUS 1hr 1-1 session with each participant post Group Prog. delivery (max. 15 hours, Total Individual Work 15 hours) Total hours=33.

Suggested Content: Self-Assessment, Legal issues for start-ups, Preparing a Business Plan, Market Research, Marketing for the small Business, Finance.

Basic Book-Keeping & Taxation SO 17/02

Objective: The Programme aim is to equip participants with the skills to maintain a paper-based book-keeping system, & give them the necessary basic knowledge of Tax & VAT registration & responsibilities for small businesses.

Duration: 4 x 3hr. sessions.

Suggested Content: Overview of Basic Accounts & Record-Keeping, Prime Books, Month-end summary, VAT Calculation/Returns, Credit Control, Cash Flow.

Strategies for Performance, Profitability & Growth Management SO/15/03

Certification desirable.

Strategies for Performance, Profitability & Growth SO/17/03

Objectives: This intensive Management Development Prog. aims to assist participants to deal with the key issues affecting the successful operation of a business in challenging economic conditions.

Duration: 3 x 4 hour Group Workshops, 3 x 0.5 day individual onsite sessions per participant.

Suggested Content: Business Management, Planning for performance & profitability, Costing/Pricing & Breakeven analysis and Cashflow, Managing business resources & time management, finance for non-financial managers, building innovation in a business, managing the market & customer care.

How to shoot & edit Marketing videos on a budget SO/17/04

Objectives: To guide participants through the process of making their own low cost marketing videos for use on their own Social Media channels with the aim of increasing their social media profile and boosting sales in their business

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: what kind of online marketing videos you can make, how you can shoot videos with your smartphone if you have some additional low cost equipment and how to edit the footage into a coherent marketing video.

Social Media 1-1 Clinics SO/17/05

Objectives: To work with participants on a 1-1 basis for a period of 60 minutes, providing them with individual advice, practical assistance

Duration: Clinics 1 hour each, 6 per day.

Suggested Content: Individual training and advice on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube & Snapchat

Business Website Review Clinics SO/17/06

Objective: to ensure that the business websites of participants are performing at an optimum level and working hard for the business.

Duration: 60-90 mins per individual clinic.

Suggested Content/Format: participants will have a detailed telephone discussion with the trainer once their place has been secured. Trainer will undertake a critical review of the participants website and present findings to participants in an individual clinic; together with a worksheet containing practical changes which should be made to the site to increase its’ effectiveness.



Introduction to Analytics & Online Advertising SO/17/07

Objective: to give participants the confidence to create their own successful Google Adwords ppc advertising campaigns online, & equip them with the knowledge to track & measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with Google Analytics.

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: benefits of Google Adwords, Adwords technology explained, what you need to know before starting an ad. campaign, how to research & identify effective keywords, understanding Google analytics, making Google analytics work for your website, using goals, filters & segments in Analytics & tracking the effectiveness of your Adwords campaign in Analytics.


Social Media Marketing Bootcamp SO/17/08

Objective: to demonstrate some practical tips for success in digital marketing for business-highlighting mobile, social media & local search marketing tips to get participant businesses found online. Equipping participants with tools required to effectively manage their social media channels, improving campaigns, boosting results & profitability.

Duration: 1 day

Suggested Content: Is my business mobile friendly? How to make it so. Get your business found on Google Local/Google +, how to dominate local search results. How to audit your Facebook page (& the pages of your competitors!). How to develop a Facebook content calendar. How to use Twitter to find more customers. Tips & Tricks for LinkedIn. Digital marketing using imagery with Pinterest & Instagram. Effective social media management.


Content Building & Search Optimisation for the Web SO/17/09

Objective: to assist participants to review their website & optimise it to perform more effectively in search results. How to create great content for your site, & what other factors effect website search ranking.

Duration: 1 day

Suggested Content: developing valuable content for the web, how to create imagery for online platforms, how SEO has evolved and what’s important, how the search algorithm works, on & off-page SEO, what is metadata & why it matters, developing a great content calendar & identifying areas for improvement.

Getting your Business mobile SO/17/10

Objective: to highlight the ever-increasing popularity of mobile search, equip participants with the confidence to create their own mobile websites, how to optimise their content for mobile user conversion, how to review mobile analytics, how to engage mobile customers.

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: facts of mobile search, difference between responsive website and mobile site, and advantages/disadvantages; local SEO & optimising for a mobile user, analytics for mobile devices (what are users engaging in?), mobile advertising streams, best practice for developing a mobile strategy.

Introduction to Data Protection & Privacy Law Training SO/17/11

Objective: to raise awareness among participant businesses of current Data protection & Privacy legislation and the responsibilities it places on them.

Duration: 0.5 day

Suggested Content: Introduction to Data Protection & Privacy, overview of current applicable Irish & European law, the key related questions for small business, how to establish a ‘comply & prepare’ checklist

How to Market your Business on a Shoestring SO/17/12

Objective: to assist participants to re-examine their marketing activities with the emphasis on assisting them work smarter for better sales and higher profits.

Duration: 0.5 Day

Suggested Content: creating time for marketing activity, re-examining the issue of what your customer actually wants and why they are choosing your business, identifying your most valuable customers and what this means for the bottom line, what are the critical elements of every marketing/promotional piece your business has, how to become a better networker.

Better Selling! SO/17/13

Objective: to assist participants to focus on improving their skills in the ultimate business discipline –sales!

Duration: 0.5 day

Suggested Content: how to really listen to your customer, how to identify customer needs & sell them the ‘right’ product, how to ask for the business, how to close the sale.

Costing & Pricing SO/17/14

Objective: to introduce participants to the basic principles of Costing/Pricing, & to techniques used in analysing & controlling costs, together with setting the right price for your products/services

Duration: 1 Day.

Suggested Content: basic principles of costing/costing techniques, controlling costs, contributions/margins, profit v cash flow, how to price products/services, understand & calculate break-even prices, developing a costing template for business.

SAGE 50 Accounts Improvers Programme SO/17/15

Objective: to enable existing users of SAGE Accounts Software to acquire the skills to use the advanced functionality of the software to improve business performance.

Duration: 2 x 1 Day sessions, optional 1-1 onsite session per participant.

Suggested Content: Department set-up & use, emailing Invoices/Statements, Credit Control, Cash Flow & Bank Reconciliation, VAT, Management Reports, Month/Year ends.

Managing your Cash Flow SO/17/16

Objectives: to assist participants in understanding the importance for their business of maintaining a healthy cash flow and how to anticipate and solve cash flow problems.

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: Examination of the common reasons why businesses have cash flow problems and how to avoid them, the importance of correct pricing of your products and services & how to achieve this, the positive implications of written quotations, the critical role timely billing plays in business success, developing a strategy for prompt receipts of monies owed & managing the business bank account and cash flow effectively.

Learn how to master your VAT return in 1 day SO/17/17

Objective: This Prog. is aimed at those who have established their own business and are anxious to increase their knowledge regarding Vat and its implications for their business.

Duration: 1 Day.

Suggested Content: a general guide to VAT, and the different VAT rates which apply to different businesses, the advantages/disadvantages & implications of registering for VAT, the records needed to prepare a VAT return, preparation of purchases/cash/sales book(s), explanation of return of trading details.

Human Resource Management & Employment Legislation SO/17/18

Objective: This Programme will provide Owner/ Managers with the principles of fair employment practices and people management in addition to primary points of employment legislation.


Duration: 4 x 0.5 day sessions


Suggested content includes: Recruitment and Selection procedures, Contracts of Employment,

Disciplinary Procedures, Performance Appraisal, Employment legislation.


Co-ordination of Student Enterprise Programme in Co. Sligo 2017-18 SO/17/19


Objective: to co-ordinate and deliver the Student Enterprise Programme (SEP) in Co. Sligo. The successful applicant will also liaise closely with LEO Sligo re: the recruitment of participating Schools for the SEP Competition, & the overall co-ordination of the Student Enterprise Programme in Co. Sligo for the school year 2017-2018.

It is anticipated that 4 Workshops will be run in each participating Second-level School which will participate in the SEP. In 2016-2017, a total of 11 Second-Level Schools ( out of a maximum of 13 in Co. Sligo ) participated in the Prog. The retention of this number of participating schools is highly desirable. Considerable Student and Teacher Resources exist – The SEA Prog. has a Student Workbook for each participating Student, along with a Teachers Resource Pack ( both of which will be distributed by the successful applicant ), and there is a website and Social Media presence for the Student Enterprise Awards too – and  & Twitter- @StudentEntAward - the promotion of these resources and encouraging Students/Teachers to utilise them is also an integral part of the contract.


Proposed Timetable:

Workshop 1: Idea generation ( September 2017)

Workshop 2: Market research, Product/Service Design, Testing the Product, beginning the Business Report ( October 2017 )

Workshop 3: Business Examination, Business Finance, Management Issues, How to continue Business activity during holidays ( November 2017 )

Workshop 4: Revisiting Business Plan, Visual/Stand Display, School/County Final Presentation             ( January 2018 )

Regular reporting to/liaising with Local Enterprise Office Sligo is critical. A weekly spreadsheet detailing no. of participating Student’s, Schools, Visits made, etc. must be sent to the relevant Staff member of LEO Sligo

Please note: the headings above are indicative only. I would welcome any suggestions you may have in regard to the exact content, etc. of the Programme.

Given that it is difficult to anticipate the exact number of workshops which will be delivered, it is suggested that a price per Workshop delivery, inclusive of travel, preparation/material developments and all other costs be included as part of your overall submission.


Specification Guidelines:

Specifications will be reviewed and scored under the following headings:

Uncertified Training:

Knowledge/Understanding of Proposal (30 marks), Approach/Additionality/Methodology (40 marks)

Price (30 marks).

Certified Training:

Knowledge/Understanding of Proposal (30 marks), Approach/Additionality/Methodology (35 marks)

Price (25 marks), Certification (10 marks).


Points of Clarification:

Please note that both an electronic version and paper version of your submission will be required.

Please also ensure that specifications are not bound and that programmes are priced individually with a price listed per programme.

Regarding Certified Training, applicants must detail exactly what type and level of Certification will apply, and outline the cost of certification per participant where appropriate.

The deadline for receipt of completed specifications by e-mail and post is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2016 at 12.00p.m.


Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

Specifications must be marked ‘Training 2017’ and addressed as follows:

Local Enterprise Office Sligo,

City Hall,

Quay Street,


e-mail to be addressed to: