05/2018 Trading Online Voucher Seminar

Clayton Hotel Silversprings, Cork
Thursday 26th July, 2018
9.30am - 11.30am
I.T. Training

This FREE training seminar is the first step in applying for the Trading Online Voucher. It is mandatory to attend an Information Seminar before submitting an application. Applicants will be informed of the purpose of the scheme and how best to use and get value from the voucher to support your online trading proposition. Online registration is essential. What will be covered: Customers finding your business online Covering basic SEO, Mobile friendly website, selling products & services online, e-Commerce How to find new customers online Pay per click advertising, Google Vs Facebook, targeting demographics, increasing traffic & online engagement Using your E-Voucher wisely How to identify individual needs of each participating business and increase the return on investment

This event is no longer available