1/2017 Kick Start Your Food Business Programme

Oriel House Hotel
Booking Deadline 26/3/2017
9.30am - 4.30pm
Start Your Own Business

Our 2-day kick start your food business programme will guide you through the steps involved in setting up and managing your own food manufacturing business.


Kick Start Your Food Business Programme

This two day short programme has been designed for those with a food manufacturing/processing idea or those at a very early stage of set up. The objective is to provide participants with base knowledge of what is involved in setting up a food business. It will provide participants with information which will allow them to avoid the pit falls normally associated with this journey.

Please note: While certain aspects of the programme are relevant to those setting up cafés/restaurants, the core programme content is designed for those producing food to be sold through third parties i.e. food producers.  The programme assumes you already understand the basics of setting up a business. i.e tax compliance, developing a business plan, how to register your business etc.  - these areas are covered in our general non-food specific Start Your Own Business Programmes.

Oriel House Hotel
Day 1:
28th March 2017
Day 2:
4th April 2017
9.30am - 4.30pm


Contracted trainers for this programme: Bullseye Food Marketing

Programme Content:

Day 1: 28th March 2017


Module 1:

Route to Market

  • Group Introductions & Product Tastings (where applicable)
  • Retail Environment - Farmers Markets, Retail Stores, Foodservice, Online
  • Food Trends
  • Consumer Trends 

Module 2:

Market Research & Understanding The Consumer

  • Market Research 
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Target Market Identification & Understanding The Consumer
  • GAP Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • New Product Development 
  • Develop a Business Plan

Module 3:

Food Safety & Manufacturing

  • Legal Labels- Food Law
  • Food Safety Requirements- HACCP
  • Food Manufacturing- Key Performance Indicators
  • Equipment For Start-Up Manufacturing

Day 2: 4th April 2017

Module 4:


  • Physical Packaging Options- Packaging Suppliers
  • Effective Packaging Design
  • Designing Effective Packaging On A Limited Budget

Module 5:

Finance & Pricing

  • What Are The Key Start-Up Costs
  • Cashflow Tips For Food Businesses
  • Pricing Inside The Gate
  • Pricing & Margins Outside The Gate 
  • Price Positioning Strategy
  • Financial Success- What You Must Measure Each Day/ Week/ Month/ Year

Module 6:

Sales, Distribution, Promotion                                    

  • Buyer Presentations
  • Effective Distribution of Food Products 
  • Marketing Plans 
  • Effective Sales Techniques
  • PR/Social Media For Food Companies- Public Relations

For queries please contact the LEO South Cork Tel: 021-4975281