1/2018- Brexit Proof Your Business

Cork International Airport Hotel
Tuesday 16th October 2018
9am - 1pm

With less than six months until Brexit, it's time to prepare. This course will focus on risk management, and the implications of both a soft and hard Brexit. Case studies will be examined, with a stress on risk mitigation strategies, identification, and assessment, and conclusions and recommendations discussed. In this course, there will be in-depth examinations of the effect of Brexit on foreign exchange, customs documentation, and crucially, the possibility for opportunities for your business

This event is no longer available

The key areas covered in this workshop include:

  •  Soft Brexit – what does that look like for the SME Case study example
  •  Hard Brexit – what does that look like for the SME Case study example
  •  Risk Mitigation Options
  •  Key challenges that the SME should address now

Participants should leave the course with:

  •  A better appreciation of the challenges that BREXIT pose to their own business; and
  • An awareness of what they can and should be doing to address these challenges now

Participants are encouraged to fill out the BREXIT scorecard in advance of the workshop