1/2018 - Merchandising and Display

Cork International Airport Hotel
24th September
9.30am to 1pm

Merchandising and Display is essential for sales and building a brand. This training will offer participants the tools and techniques used in retail and exhibition to create well-designed displays. Merchandising is expected – Consumers expect products and services to be well presented when purchasing. Good Merchandising can be achieved with pre planning and research. Good Merchandising does not have to be expensive and once achieved can be the set ‘Display Signature’ for the business at all sales events.

This event is no longer available

Topics included in “Merchandising and Display” half day training workshop:

  • What is Good Merchandising and Display?  Presenting your product or service to the consumer for sale is a key business need.  Merchandising is the ability to influence purchase and perception – it can increase sales for your business.  
  • Guides to Merchandising Products and Services, how others do it, the tools, techniques and principles used in retail, consumer events, crafts shows and exhibitions. The Guides in practise in everyday work. 
  • AIDA Selling and Merchandising - Attention, Interest, Design & Action (AIDA).
  • The Design Plan – how would you design, layout and set your space for your business.
  • How pricing works in Merchandising.
  • Merchandising and the ‘ Story’ - for many consumers the “story” is the BRAND, the inspiration, making process, heritage, providence and meaningfulness of the product and its creation is a vital component of the purchase.  This is very much so with craft, gift, design, local, artisan or hand made products.  It is the message to support their sales and build the brand in the mind of the consumer.