1/2018- Selling Online

Cork International Airport Hotel
Friday 28th September
9.30am to 1am
Business Training

This course will cover aspects of building an eCommerce site and selling online. Featuring a combination of lecture, discussion and demonstration. This course provides an overview of web site and e-Commerce concerns - pricing & hidden costs, dealing with third parties, converting sales, getting your content & layout right, targeting your customer.

This event is no longer available

Programme Goals

The Goal of this training programme is to:

  • Develop the participant's awareness of selling on the internet
  • Realise that an online shop will not work itself it needs a constant push in promotion and marketing
  • Learn how you can improve the customer's experience
  • Learn about the costs and technologies neede
  • Learn about the hidden charges and the different payment providers available
  • Know about the new restrictions that the banks are implementing and data protection