2/2018 How to create marketing videos on a budget

County Hall, IT Training room
Wednesday, 22nd August
9.30 am to 4.30 pm
I.T. Training

In this course you will learn what kind of online marketing videos you can make, how you can shoot videos with your smartphone - if you have some additional low cost equipment - and how to edit the footage (using video editing software on a PC) into marketing video. Once you have your video, you will understand how to use it for marketing on your website, on social media and on YouTube.

This event is no longer available

Topics that will be covered

  • Video Marketing

- Why video is a proven internet marketing tool

- Types of marketing videos -options to consider

  • How to shoot a video

- Video production tips

- What additional equipment do you need in order to use your smartphone for shooting marketing videos?

- How to shoot a video using a smartphone or video camera

  • How to edit a video

- Hands-on workshop where you will edit and create a marketing video using a PC

  • How to market using YouTube & Social Media

- How to get your video seen

- Get found in YouTube searches

- How to use video in social media

- How to use video on your website