2/2019 Choice4Women

to be confirmed
10th, 17th, 24th Sept & 1st Oct
9.30am to 1pm
Business Training

A modern programme to assist, inspire & support female entrepreneurship. Female entrepreneurs face complex and gender specific challenges in starting and continuing in business. This programme looks at these and other issues and equips the participants resolve and harness these challenges to benefit them in the world of business.


The essential elements of the programme include:

  • Create your career
  • Harness your potential
  • Opt for personal development
  • Inspire for business success
  • Combine your work/life balance effectively
  • Entrepreneur skills development

Women who participate in the programme will achieve:

  • Enhanced self awareness and confidence in harnessing their unique strengths, values, purpose and passion.
  • Supported strategic thinking and decision-making abilities to create vision and effectively lead teams.
  • Impactful communication and influence techniques that lead to strong leadership presence and effectively results.
  • Greater clarity and vision in identifying their goals with an action plan for achieving them.
  • Sustainable work-life balance practices to nourish and maintain effectiveness.
  • Business Planning and Time Management Skills development.