2/2019 Choice4Women

Rochestown Park Hotel
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th October.
9.30am to 1pm
Business Training

Are you a women running a business or are you thinking of starting a business? If so do you feel that you are better than the results that you are currently achieving in your business and in your life ? If so, would you like to be part of a select group to take part in business leadership coaching /training programme covering intense self awareness and business psychology. This women’s Leadership programme focuses on what differentiates a thriving business from a barely surviving business- It is not the product or service – It is solely down to the skills developed and applied by the self-aware leader of the business.


South Cork LEO are subsidising this intensive business psychology course “Choice 4 Women” over 5 mornings from 10am to 1pm each morning.

. What is covered:

  •  Module 1 - Self Awareness for Business Conditioning and Behaviours
  •  Module 2 - Communication and Managing Conflict
  •  Module 3 - Resilience, Overcoming Perfectionism, Negative Self Talk and Setting Goals
  •  Module 4 - Getting The Balance
  •  Module 5 - Going Forward My Action Plan

The essential elements of the programme include:

  • Create your career
  • Harness your potential
  • Opt for personal development
  • Inspire for business success
  • Combine your work/life balance effectively
  • Entrepreneur skills development

Women who participate in the programme will achieve:

  • Enhanced self awareness and confidence in harnessing their unique strengths, values, purpose and passion.
  • Supported strategic thinking and decision-making abilities to create vision and effectively lead teams.
  • Impactful communication and influence techniques that lead to strong leadership presence and effectively results.
  • Greater clarity and vision in identifying their goals with an action plan for achieving them.
  • Sustainable work-life balance practices to nourish and maintain effectiveness.
  • Business Planning and Time Management Skills development.