3/2017 Twitter for Business

Cork International Airport Hotel
22nd Sept 2017
9.30am to 1pm
Social Media

Twitter half day workshop focuses on setting up a Twitter account and using this to promote your business and interact with your target audiences. Course notes provided.


This session will cover all of the basics of setting up a business Twitter account and using it to promote a business and interact with target audience.  

  • Introductions & Individual objectives
  • Your social media objective
  • Importance of clear strategy and key messaging
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Setting up an account/profile - including visual aspects
  • Review of options & functionality
  • How to build followers & twitter etiquette
  • Developing a follower strategy in line with objectives
  • Creating and using lists for followers
  • Tracking competitors using Twitter
  • Posting including links and photos
  • Retweeting explained and how to use it
  • Running polls on Twitter
  • Introducing tweetdeck and the scheduling of posts
  • Setting up of a permanent search columns
  • Interacting tactically to build followers
  • Hastags explained - tactical use
  • The power of Twitter ''search''
  • Examine advertising features
  • Top tips for Twitter use for business
  • Incorporating lists and search into your dashboard