Grow My Business Programme

29th November 2023
Management Development

Introduction Session- 29th November 2023 Are you a small business owner and feel your business is capable of growing more? Have you ideas to create more revenue streams for your business but feel stuck in moving the ideas forward to implement them? Do you need more customers? Then this programme is for you! Please note this is only open to clients in the South Cork catchment area.

This event is no longer available

Benefit from a range of experts in the SME field covering the following to help you Grow your Business !

6 Online Workshops (3 hours in Duration)

1 per month  Jan-June 2024- Dates to be confirmed 

  1. Plan for the future- look at new ideas to examine current business and plan to maximise current business. Ideas and innovative ways to generate new revenue streams and the “HOW” to implement - Develop your Business Action Plan
  2. Sales process - NEW way to sell in 2024 – Powerful combination of personal selling and business development, systemising your sales process to get better results, faster. Introduction to new simple and fast digital tools to develop sales contacts and business
  3. Growing your profit margin – key insights into growing your profit margin, cutting costs and financially managing your business. Top tips on financial planning and building long term wealth for you in your business- key new grant supports and new funding supports for your business
  4. SMART AND LEAN- Key insights into new quick wins to increase productivity and win you back at least 8 valuable hours per week – Use AI quickly and smartly in your business- how to resource the growth of your business
  5. Marketing- key insights into what working for small businesses
  6. Pulling it all together – Your Business Action Plan– shared learning event