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Global Business Opportunities open up for Irish SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network


The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world's largest support network for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and helps Irish companies to make the most of business and technology opportunities in the EU and other major global markets. It is a key instrument in the EU's strategy to boost growth and jobs. Bringing together around 600 business support organisations from more than 60 countries, it helps small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market.

Member organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, research institutes and development agencies across Europe. Most of them have been supporting local businesses for a long time. They know their clients' strengths and needs - and they know Europe.

As members of the Enterprise Europe Network they are linked up through powerful databases, sharing their knowledge and sourcing technologies and business partners across all Network countries. But they are also closely linked with the European Commission, which enables them to keep abreast of EU policies and to feed small companies' views on them back to Brussels.

Supporting small business is a cornerstone of the EU's drive for growth and jobs. Because 99% of all EU companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), accounting for 67% of jobs, what's good for SMEs is good for Europe's economy.

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Enterprise Europe Network announces partnership with Local Enterprise Offices

On November 13th 2015, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) announced a new partnership with 31 Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland. This will mean free access for Irish companies to Europe’s largest database with up to 10,000 new business and technology   opportunities in the EU and many other major global markets.

Speaking at the announcement Tom Hayes, Divisional Manager, Regions & Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Ireland said: “Today’s announcement will open doors for Irish companies to foster new partnerships and access up to 60 international markets, get advice on EU funding and support on bringing their innovative products and technologies to a global audience. It is an important step in bringing Irish companies closer to our European counterparts, and will enhance the services that Local Enterprise Offices can offer Irish companies”.

Michael Tunney, Head of Local Enterprise in Donegal commented: “As the first-stop shop for enterprise, the network of Local Enterprise Offices' role is to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship in Ireland.  In partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network, Local Enterprise Offices across the country can now support SMEs in becoming more knowledgeable and competitive in global markets, leading to greater international business opportunities”.

In Ireland, The Enterprise Europe Network in Ireland is a joint partnership between Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices, Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Cork Chamber of Commerce. The Network is co-financed under ‘COSME’, the EU funding programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs. The services are tailored for SMEs but are also available to all other businesses, universities and research centres.

Information on the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can be found on the dedicated Irish website www.een-ireland.ie and the EU website http://een.ec.europa.eu/.

Upcoming Event

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @ SuperScienceMe

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking @SuperScienceMe offers a forum for matching advanced cultural heritage technologies, innovation demand of cultural institutions and cities, novel applications from SMEs, and technical challenges of large companies.

The event is organised in conjunction with the fifth edition of the researcher night exhibition “SuperScienceMe 2018”, jointly organised by all Calabrian universities and Institutes of the National Research Council, and Calabria Region.

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking offers participants the opportunity to meet new international cooperation and business partners for joint research projects, business ideas and technology transfer in pre-scheduled meetings.

How to participate 1. Online registration chm2018.b2match.io | until 17th September 2018 2. Set up a profile 3. Request meetings | 27th August 2018 - 24th September 2018 4. Join the face-to-face pre-scheduled meetings | 27th-28th September

The participation is free of charge.

Participants - companies; - universities and research institutions, technology centres; - public and private cultural operators, such as museums,   libraries, parks, foundations, etc.; - technological clusters, innovation agencies; - local and regional government representatives, policy makers.

Main topics

- non-invasive techniques for identification and diagnostics of artefacts;

- advanced techniques for surveys of archaeological sites;

- tools and techniques for underwater archaeology (detection, recovery, treatment, etc.);

- advanced monitoring techniques, including ambient conditions and natural risks (eg., seismic events);

- virtual restouration, simulation, virtual environments;

- knowledge management and AI for classification, management and

valorisation of cultural heritage assets;

- software tools for planning and managing complex operations;

- innovative experiences for the valorisation of cultural assets;

- innovative installations and fruition mechanisms.

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking 2

Cultural Heritage Matchmaking 3

 Some Core EEN Services include:


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The Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest support network for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and helps Irish companies to make the most of business and technology opportunities in the EU and other major global markets. 

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