LEAN Programme January 2019

10 Hours Onsite Mentoring to Increase your Profitability & Competitiveness with the Lean Programme  - Cost: 500 Euros

Do you want a Simple Set of Tools to Reduce Waste & Cost; Improve your Processes and Increase Profitability?

Simply put, Lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it.

This programme, an initiative of the LEOS in Dublin, will provide an introductory deep dive into the principles driving Lean and an understanding of its benefits in supporting your company growth.

LEAN 2019

The programme consists of 3 half days workshops & 5 x 2 hour on-site 1:1 mentoring sessions. At a cost of 500 Euros this programme is heavily subsidized.

"The Lean programme is one of the most practical and easily applied courses I have ever done. It has forced me to open my eyes and question the way we do everything in our business. The balance of the course between theory  & practical is excellent & having the opportunity to work with Dermot one on one has made a remarkable difference to my business.'' Kate McLoughlin, McLaughlin Butchers

“One of the most awakening statements made at the program by Dermot was “waste is all around us its just not that easy to see” however when you become aware of it and start seeing it, & replacing it with lean processes everyone's work life becomes easier and more efficient. For a happy work life go Lean." Cathy Coghlan, M.D. Dorian Black