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LEO Progress July 2016

Local Enterprise Office  July 2016

To date the LEO has processed 31 Measure 1 grant applications and approved assistance amounting to €464,829 for 26 projects (9 Priming, 11 Business Expansion & 6 Feasibility).  These grants will leverage private capital Investment of €2m  and result in the creation of at least 70 new jobs (Cost per job €6,640. Grant Aid totalling €369,396 has been paid to 25 businesses in Tipperary in H1 of 2016.  Maps highlighting the distribution of grants will be circulated at the MD Meeting.

Under Measure 2 Entrepreneurial & Capability Development, to date over 1,133 individuals have availed of Training, Mentors and others soft supports through the Local Enterprise Office.  In total 268 different initiatives have been run in the first 6 months of the year and this includes 147 mentoring assignments.

Tipperary LEO is actively promoting the ICT OnLine Trading Voucher Scheme and received an allocation of 37 vouchers for 2016.  This year so far 19 businesses have availed of vouchers worth €39,271 with 14 business representatives attending associated one to one mentor clinics.  Since the OTV scheme was  launched  71 Tipperary businesses have been offered vouchers.

Tipperary has a target of 16 Micro Finance Applications and in the first 6 months of 2016, 10 applications have been submitted 6 of which were approved €72,000 to create 9 jobs.

Under the LEO Competitive Fund Scheme 2015 – 2017 announced recently, Tipperary Local Enterprise Office is a partner in five successful applications and is the lead Partner in 3 initiatives for which funding of €192,740 has been approved.  The 5 successful projects are as follows:

  1. LEO Tipperary, LEO Waterford, LEO Wexford, LEO Kilkenny, LEO Carlow: A South East Artisan Food initiative to establish a cluster of fledgling food exporters across 5 counties and develop the export capability of a selection of artisan food clients. This project which is lead by Tipperary was awarded €120,000.
  2. LEO Tipperary, LEO Wicklow: Develop a strong Digital Media and Gaming corridor linking the Mid West and the South & East Regions, building on existing strengths, heighten awareness of the potential of the creative industries and assist in diversifying the current employment base. This project secured €47,740 in funding and Tipperary LEO is the lead partner.
  3. LEO Tipperary, LEO Waterford, LEO Wexford, LEO Carlow, LEO Kilkenny: This programme will explore the potential for higher levels of innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity in agricultural technology (AgTech). Funding of €25,000 was approved for this project and Tipperary is the lead partner.
  4.  LEO Wexford, LEO Tipperary, LEO Waterford, LEO Wicklow LEO Kilkenny, LEO Carlow, LEO Kildare, LEO Laois: A pilot programme that will offer carefully selected micro-enterprises with growth ambitions the opportunity to benefit from concentrated support from the dedicated advisory panel of 3 experts per enterprise.  This project received €50,000.
  5. LEO Wicklow, LEO Tipperary, LEO Wexford, LEO Carlow, LEO Kilkenny: Consolidate a creative hub in the South Eastern region through an extensive networking and training programme for established SMEs and Start Ups servicing the creative industries.  A fund of €250,000 has been awarded to this project including €100,000 in Priming Grants which Tipperary firms can compete for.