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customer service charter

  • Providing a first point of contact for all enterprise related enquiries in the county/city.
  • Working with entrepreneurs, promoters, businesses and other relevant stakeholders in the county/city to foster entrepreneurship.
  • Delivering enterprise training, management development and mentoring to entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Providing direct funding and funding options to entrepreneurs, promoters and viable businesses to support the growth and development of micro enterprises.
  • Working to create and maintain client centred business networks
  • Developing a progression pathway to Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start Up (HPSU) and Established Industry Departments.
  • Where your LEO cannot deal with your enquiry it will provide a referral service to the appropriate agency.

Your LEO is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service as embodied in our Customer Service Charter and in line with the principles of quality customer service as adopted by all Government Departments and Public Service Bodies.

View the Customer Service Charter here