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Workspace availability under review in Tipperary.

Arising from the recent merger of North and South Tipperary and focussing on the need to create job opportunities in the county, the Local Enterprise Office in Tipperary has commenced a review of available workspace across the County.  The review will determine workspace availability in the unified Tipperary and culminate in a register of vacant industrial properties which will become a valuable marketing resource and  property identification solution for new and existing entrepreneurs both within and outside of Tipperary.  The study will focus on all types of workspace ranging from “Hot Desks” to Technology Centres, Food Grade Workspace, Light Industrial Units right up to Advance factories.

The review / audit will identify workspace in both public and private ownership and  analyse the type and scale of facilities available for lease or purchase across the County.  The review is being undertaken  by Mr Anthony Fitzgerald based in the Business Support Unit of the Local Authority in Ballingarrane House  Clonmel in conjunction with the newly established Local Enterprise Office.  The review will involve contacting Auctioneers, Chambers of Commerce, the Local Authority, IDA, Airport Authority, Institute of Technology,  Community owned Enterprise Centres etc  to establish what space is vacant at this time,  the cost per sq. metre, length and term of  tenancy available, location and quality of the site etc.

Property owners are asked to contact the Local Enterprise Office (Nenagh or Clonmel) to advise if they have space available or under construction for sale or lease. It is expected that the review will take a month to complete and the outcome of the survey will be mapped across Tipperary. An expected benefit of the study is that it will highlight deficit pockets in

the County which in turn might support a business case for  seeking investment in workspace in Tipperary and where demand for such space has been established.

The findings or property listing will be maintained and made available to entrepreneurs both inside and outside Tipperary by the Local Enterprise Office. If you are interested in being included on the list and having your enterprise space  promoted by the Local Enterprise Office  contact Anthony Fitzgerald, Business Support Unit, Tipperary County Council, Ballingarrane House, Clonmel, telephone  052-6187074 or email or any of the LEO staff accessible though the Local Authority.