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Boosting Online Sales

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Business Training

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to increase their online sales and leads.

This event is no longer available

Course Outcomes

At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will:

  • Know how to audit their website usability and understand how it impacts conversions
  • Understand what changes to make to their website calls to actions to improve their conversions and leads.
  • Understand why it is important to define their value proposition and how it impacts sales/conversions.

Course Content

  • Online sales in Ireland and why people buy from Irish businesses vs. overseas Website structure: good vs. bad website structures.
  • Key pages to include and how structure impacts your search engine ranking and your conversions.
  • Key content to include on a website to build credibility
  • Calls to actions: how many, where and when.
  • Initial impact: first impressions count
  • Defining a value proposition and why it is important for sales & customer acquisition
  • Upselling and cross selling
  • Shipping fees and delivery: key considerations
  • Using email marketing – GDPR, techniques to collect data and how to use email marketing for customer acquisition
  • Online advertising – an introduction to what is available and key considerations
  • Syncing your shop with Facebook and Instagram
  • Taking payments online using PayPal buttons, invoicing and subscriptions