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Covid-19 Reaction Programme For Small Business

Webinar - your invite will be emailed to you
Tuesday 7 & Thursday 9 April
9.30am - 1pm

2 x half day online interactive webinars will help guide businesses on issues such as HR, Finance, Communication & Government Supports available.

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Never has there a more important time to band together in solidarity and work together and come out the other side stronger and resilient in the face of adversity.

So what do we as people, employees and employers need to do to get through this crisis as smoothly as possible and reduce the stress levels EVERYONE is experiencing.

This two day (9.30am - 1pm) session will cover the following:-

  • Is your company closing or moving to short term/permanent? 
  • How is your cashflow? 
  • Can your cashflow support paying your employees the government funding of €203 per week (current rate,  subject to change) 
  • If you can pay it,  it helps show loyalty and strengthen employer/employee relationships in preparation for when this is all over 
  • Keep communication lines with all employees open if you hope to re open your business,  keep them updated with regular bulletins by email or phone if logistically possible etc 
  • If you cannot pay your staff the government funding ensure you communicate this clearly to staff so they know what to do without time delays 
  • Bank Supports,  breaks for loan repayments,  cash injections,  cashflow assistance etc 
  • Government supports,  illness benefits, financing supports