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Covid-19 Tools & Techniques For Delivering Remote Training & Consultancy

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Wednesday 8 April
I.T. Training

Learn how to record video lessons and publish online courses on a learning management system (LMS)

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • After completing this course, participants will be able to sell their expertise online from their office or home. 
  • They will know how to take bookings and payments online.
  • They will also be able to use affordable online tools and techniques to deliver training and a professional service to their clients and customers online.
  • They will have a comprehensive understanding of how to set up an online training business which will be a valuable asset now and in the future.

Who This Course Is For? 

• Trainers

• Coaches

• Consultants

• Professional Services including Solicitors and Accountants 

• Chefs (Cookery)

• Yoga Instructors

• Wellbeing Coaches

• Personal Trainers

• Dance Teachers

• Music teachers

• Make-up artists

Course Curriculum

  1. How to Get Paid Online  
  • How to Set Up Online Payments Using Stripe & PayPal
  • How to use Coupons and Discount Strategies   

2. Managing Appointments  

  • How to Set Up an Online Appointment Booking System 
  • How to Connect to Your Calendar
  • How to Connect It to Your Email Autoresponder Using Zapier  

3. CRM/Autoresponder  

  • How to Set Up Your CRM/Email Autoresponder  

4. Online Meetings  

  • How to Set up a Free Zoom Meeting Account
  • How to do Group Training/Coaching
  • How to 1-to-1 Training/Coaching  

5. Online Training Options  

  • Live Over A Number of Weeks OR Live Half-Day(s)
  • Private Facebook Group with Paid Access
  • Zoom Meetings OR Zoom Webinar OR EasyWebinar         

6. Online Course Options  

  • How to Record Video Lessons
  • Publishing Your Online Course on a Learning Management System (LMS).  

7. Setting up Office (Home) Studio  

  • Simple Inexpensive Equipment for a Professional Production
  • Video Editing Software Options
  • Using a Green Screen