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Developing an Online Business Strategy

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10am - 12noon
Business Training

Many business owners have found themselves faced with the opportunity of a new revenue stream and a diversified business model. When an online business or store is aligned to your core business strategy it can create opportunities to scale and grow your business.


Workshop objective

The workshop will give participants practical information to help them create an aligned online business strategy that is part of the core business strategies.


Programme outline:

  • Defining your website aims and objectives
  • An introduction to measurement metrics, and evaluation tools
  • An overview of digital marketing techniques and aligning them to achieving core business goals
  • Online competitor analysis
  • Niche market development – local, national, international
  • Website investment versus return
  • Overview of online tools to help manage your online business
  • Questions and answers
  • Actions and notes

Method of delivery

  • This workshop will be delivered using Zoom web conferencing software.
  • The workshop will be delivered webinar style with facilitated questions and answers.
  • A review of participant websites will take place prior to the workshop delivery to tailor delivery to the group.
  • Active participants case studies, presented anonymously and based on pre workshop research will form part of the delivery to ensure practical and tailored content for participants.

Takeaways from this workshop

  • Template to develop an online business strategy


Who is this programme for?

  • Businesses owners who want to make money from their website