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Essential Sales & Marketing

Live online training via Zoom
Wednesday 10, 17, 25 February & 3, 10 March
Business Training

This programme runs over 5 consecutive Wednesday's. A date to cover the Social Media topic will be agreed with participants once the course starts. *****THIS COURSE IS RESTRICTED TO TIPPERARY BUSINESSES ONLY*****


The content of the course includes:

žAn introduction to Marketing ž  

  • What is it all about?

Market Research ž  

  • Research techniques ž  
  • Adapting them to fit your needs and budget.

Meeting your customer needs ž  

  • What is unique about your product or service? ž  
  • Who buys from you now? ž  
  • Who do you want to sell to?

Promotion, Advertising and PR ž  

  • Low cost – no cost ways to make an impact
  • Building a successful Marketing plan ž  
  • How to put it all together


  • Knowing your products or services
  • Prospecting for customers
  • What makes people buy
  • Introducing yourself to prospective customers ž  
  • Using proven sales methods to develop your business

Social Media ž  

  • Using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to increase your business online.

Managing Sales

  • Develop and install a sales process that manages selling for you ž  

Telephone techniques

  • Telephone do’s and don’ts taking the “cold” out of cold calling

Presenting your products and services ž    

  • Sales presentations ž    
  • Features vs. benefits ž    
  • Establishing customer needs and wants ž    
  • Speaking skills

Closing Sales

  • Overcoming objections ž    
  • Recognising buying signals ž    
  • Different ways to close sales