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Evolving Your Social Media Strategy

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Social Media

This course is designed to help businesses to develop a social media content plan following a time of social distancing and post lockdown.

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Course Outcomes

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to develop and roll out an evolved social media content plan.

Course Content

  • Understand the needs of your customers - what are their new pain points.
  • Why it is important to maintain your social media activity levels.
  • Review of existing content, what can be used and what needs to change / evolve.
  • What content to post now Ireland is re-opening
  • Tips and technique of how to get noticed amongst all the Covid-19 noise.
  • Why going live now is more important than ever – planning a live stream. Equipment requirements.
  • Tool kit: a range of tools that will help with planning and scheduling social media content.
  • Case studies of businesses that have evolved their content for the benefit of their business and their customers.