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Making Sense of The E-Comm Maze

Tipperary Excel Centre, Tipperary Town
I.T. Training

This half-day digital consulting session is part master-class / part workshop and will be delivered by leading digital content expert, Seanie Walsh.

This event is no longer available

The Seanie Walsh E-Commerce Initiative

This half-day, fully immersive digital consulting session will be led by V353’s Creative Director, Seanie Walsh, and will be part master-class and part workshop. The initiative will take you under the hood of the social media landscape, and how tactics and strategies can help achieve the attention and objectives your business deserves.

The session will include a collection of deep dives into:

  • Paid Media
  • Influencer Media
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Personal Branding
  • Platform Strategy and more!

The workshop is limited in numbers so that breakout sessions and one-to-one digital audits can take place for up to 10-15 businesses (so bring your laptop!). 


Who is Seanie Walsh?

Seanie, a Castlebar native, is Creative Director of Los Angeles based 'Business Rockstars' and recently CMO for Ireland’s first Crypto Currency, Mingo, who have just raised €30m with Seanie’s help. Business Rockstars has just also completed the buyout of Co-Founders Lab, the world’s leading start-up platform, with over 400,000 registered entrepreneurs on its books.

Seanie is unlike any other 25 year old in this space in that he has never been to college and is recognised as one of the world’s leading ClickFunnels experts. From the age of 13 he has been a highly successful disruptive e-commerce and social media entrepreneur. 

Seanie is also a founding partner and Creative Director in V353, Ireland’s latest creative digital content venture.