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Search Engine Optimisation

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I.T. Training

Is your website optimised for search engines? This webinar will give you a detailed understanding of how to leverage the power of search, hear how search engines work and how they index a website for search results.

This event is no longer available

This webinar is aimed at delivering an understanding and set of skills on how to improve and achieve the success that well implemented SEO techniques can achieve for your business.  It will use practical examples by involving the learners and using their own websites to illustrate points of improvement while also making changes to your own SEO.

Following the webinar you will have the skills and knowledge to optimize your website for search.  You will learn the importance of keywords and how to implement them into your website as well as learning about quality content and how it can make a difference to your search listing results. You will  have the know how to analysis  your website data and make decision based on their Google Analytics data.

Webinar Content

  • How Google Indexing Works
  • Defining SEO Keywords
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Optimising Each Page of your Website
  • Page Speed Test & Optimisation
  • Writing Content / Blogs for SEO
  • SEO Management
  • List FREE Tools Available
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Imagery Optimisation
  • An in-dept understanding of Google Analytics
  • How to Evaluate the Data from Google Analytics
  • Create an Action Plan from the Goggle Analytics Data to improve Search Results
  • How to use the Google My Business Tool
  • Adding a Website to Google for Indexing
  • How to generate a Site Map for submission to Goggle
  • The importance of Blogs to SEO
  • The Importance of YouTube to SEO
  • How to use Google Tools eg, Google Trends, Google Speed Test, Google Analytics, Google My Business