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Start Your Own Business - Clonmel

Clonmel Park Hotel
Saturday 28 September for 4 weeks
9.30am - 4.30pm
Start Your Own Business

This practical course gives an understanding of the requirements & challenges you are likely to encounter when starting a new business. (The fee includes lunch each day)

This event is no longer available
The aim of this programme is to provide participants with the skills to rigorously test the viability of their business idea and to provide a strong understanding of the essential elements involved in setting up and running your own business. The programme runs over a 4 week period on Saturday and covers all aspects of running your own business from market research and how to make sales to taxation and legal structures and culminates in the preparation of a business plan.

Modules to be covered include

  1. Self-assessment / Entrepreneurship
  2. Legal issues for start-ups
  3. Preparing a Business Plan
  4. Marketing for the Small Business – An Introduction
  5. Researching the Market
  6. Finance
  7. Funding Sources / Approaches
  8. Basic Book-keeping
  9. Sales
  10. ICT and the Small Business

The programme commences Saturday 28 September and will run for 4 weeks on the following dates:

Saturday 28 September 

Saturday 5 October

Saturday 12 October

Saturday 19 October

Trainer: Pearce Flannery, Pragmatica

The fee includes lunch each day and one mentoring session at the end of the 4-week programme.