Kelplex - Coming Out of Covid

Entrepreneur: John O'Sullivan

Covid Supports: Business Continuity Voucher; Trading Online Voucher


Kelplex Display - Coming Out of Covid

Kelpex Displays is one of Ireland's leading designers and manufacturers of display units and systems. From its facility in Tallow, Kelpex delivers quality acrylic and perspex brochure and leaflet holders, multi-dispensers, interior and window display systems, general point of sale display units and detail displays.

Using only the most modern and advanced equipment, operated by a highly experienced and skilled workforce, Kelplex guarantees the highest quality customer assurance and this is reflected in the testimonials from clients across a wide and varied range of sectors.

With the advent of COVID-19, Kelpex realised that while there was a demand for elements of their products, they needed to pivot the business to supplying the products that were in demand by businesses following health and safety protocols, i.e. Perspex guards and face visors.

The company revisited its manufacturing process and in addition looked at creating a broader range of products that were pre-produced (rather than bespoke designs) that could be ordered online.