Mary Darlington - Health & Safety Advisor

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of extraordinary challenges and uncertainty to Irish businesses, Local Enterprise Office Waterford provides a wide range of business services to SMEs such as free HR, digital and finance advisory clinics.

With the gradual easing of restrictions and many businesses re-opening, Local Enterprise Office Waterford has appointed Mary Darlington, Health and Safety Consultant to its mentor panel, to advise businesses on implementing Return to Work Safely protocols.

Mary has over 30 years’ experience in health and safety both in industry and as a consultant. She established Darlington Consulting in 1996 and specialises in Safety Leadership as well as general health and safety.  Her other services include training for Boards, Senior Managers, Team Leaders and employees, including Safety Representatives and Safety Committees.  She also carries out safety audits, develops safety policies and prepares safety statements

Having worked in many sectors including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, SMEs, hospitality, the arts sector and not for profit organisations, Mary is ideally placed to advise on health and safety laws and regulations.

“There is so much COVID-19 information available, so it is imperative for all businesses to drill down to find the most accurate, reliable and practical advice for their situation as they plan to return to trading, reemploy staff and reconnect with customers.”

Mary’s skills lie in simplifying these guides in order to create a practical road map for employers in all businesses to safely operate and/or re-open, while fully safeguarding their employees and their customers.  

Mary advises that the key issues that SMEs need to consider before returning to work are:

  • Consultation with employees (appointing a Lead Employee Representative)
  • Social distancing measures (now being called physical distancing which is more accurate)
  • Regular cleaning and the prevention of infection for both employees and customers.

“Complying with these new requirements will result in changes to the way we work, how the job is done, by whom and most importantly how it is recorded so that it can be verified.”

Mary explains that when this current crisis is over how we react to the crisis now will have a huge bearing on how we work in the future, so implementing early best practice is vital.

“Remember firstly that your employees are your greatest asset and they need to be protected.  Secondly, you need to consider your customers and how you can deliver your goods or services them while safeguarding them.  We are all learning as this pandemic continues and best practices are emerging which will enable businesses to operate and hopefully thrive.”

Mary Darlington

If your business has been affected by Covid-19 and you need advice about implementing safety measures and protocols, call Local Enterprise Office Waterford and a dedicated specialist will get back to you to discuss your business issue. This is a free confidential service and is open to all businesses. LEO Waterford will also endeavour to signpost you towards further Government and State agency business supports.

To book your free virtual consultation, via Skype or phone, call 0761 102905 or email and a dedicated mentor will get in touch with you.