LEO Desk Programme winners take up residence at co-working hubs

Two budding entrepreneurs recently took up their desk space at Fumbally Exchange and Boxworks Co Work Space as part of a Local Enterprise Office Waterford scholarship programme.

The LEO Desk programme was created to facilitate those with a business idea or in start-up phase.  By providing a creative coworking and networking environment for the next six months, the businesses will be well positioned to put their specific goals in place with the aid of monthly meetings with a LEO business advisor.

The two new businesses to take up their desk spaces at Fumbally Exchange and Boxworks Co Work Space respectively are Your Health Psychology (YHP) and The Positive Ability Network. 

Your Health Psychology (YHP) was founded by Orna Murray and is a social enterprise pre-start delivering workshops, providing online resources and practical advice on menstrual management to junior and senior primary and secondary school girls, to encourage them to continue with their sporting activities.

Orna Fumbally Desk Programme

The Positive Ability Network was founded in March 2020 by Cora Kearney.  The organisation was created as a means of creating a tight-knit community of disability service users, carers and parents and help reduce the barriers to employment faced by marginalised groups.

Cora Boxworks Desk Programme

Agnieszka Rojowska, Director, Fumbally Exchange was delighted to welcome Orna to the coworking facility.  “I feel Orna and her business will really benefit from her coworking experience.  There are so many pluses to working in an environment that nurtures creativity and imagination.  It offers variety and structure at the same time.  It’s also a great place to build a network of clients and opens up so many opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and bounce ideas of each other.”

Jim “Flash” Gordan of Boxworks, Director, Boxworks added, “Coworking spaces, particularly on light of COVID-19, are becoming a more practical and suitable

alternative for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Being surrounded by a high level of creativity, enthusiasm and business acumen will be a huge bonus to any entrepreneur thinking of embarking on their enterprise journey and I’m sure one from which Cora will benefit hugely.”

“In fact, research by Coworker.com found that those who share co-working spaces are 89% more sociable, 27% more productive and get 37% more leads, and all within a safe environment, fully complying with health and safety regulations.”

Jacqui Gaule, Local Enterprise Office Waterford, said, “The only reason Local Enterprise Office Waterford can offer the Desk programme is because Waterford has some great coworking hubs.  Both Boxworks and Fumbally Exchange provide fantastic facilities that facilitate start-ups and small businesses in a productive, connected and positive working setting.”

“Not only is their new working environment advantageous to their enterprise journeys, Orna and Cora will also receive further support services and their businesses will be well positioned to put their specific goals in place with the aid of monthly meetings with a LEO business advisor.”

If your business in pre-start, start-up or established business phase and would like to find out more about what business support services are available from LEO Waterford, call 0761 110 2905 or visit www.localenterprise.ie/Waterford/