Waterford’s Local Enterprise Office host businesswomen of Waterford for National Women’s Enterprise Day

One hundred of Waterford’s businesswomen celebrated National Women’s Enterprise Day with Waterford’s Local Enterprise Office on Thursday, October 12th at Faithlegg House Hotel.

The event ‘Open Doors to New Markets’ was hosted by broadcaster Karen Tomkins who was joined by a range of female business experts from a variety of business backgrounds including Grainne Walsh, Metalman Brewing; Deirdre Meany and Karen Cottier, Wild Oat Soaps; and Beth Ann Smith, Lismore Food Company and Waterford’s Ambassador for National Women’s Enterprise Day Irene Queally of Pip and Pear who all shared their knowledge and expertise in growing business and reaching new business markets.

Voice coach and speech-language therapist Linda Coyle too to the stage to deliver a workshop on how to ‘Speak with Impact’ arming the businesswomen with knowledge on speaking with confidence, how important listening is to connecting, and why women are particularly strong at this.

Following a buffet meal, guest speaker Terry Prone took to the stage. Terry is a leading advisor on reputation management and crisis handling to corporations, Governments, and individuals. Offering the room filled with businesswomen some solid advice Terry says, “No matter what business you are in communications is crucial, not only in business but in all areas of your like. When things go awry, you will always find that communications or lack of it is at the heart of it. When it comes to HR issues, whistleblowers, crises, poor communication is always is usually at the centre of all of these issues. As long as you are a great communicator you can do anything, you can create a great and happy company and that matters too; as fun and humour in business is important.”

Across the country all 31 LEOs, including the Local Enterprise Office Waterford celebrated National Women’s Enterprise Day. In 2016 alone the country’s LEO’s jointly supported over 14,000 female entrepreneurs.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reports that 27% of early-stage female entrepreneurs in Ireland expect to get more than a quarter of their revenues from overseas work. The LEOs have a range of supports that can help businesses to realise those expectations and local events will feature female ambassadors who have already successfully availed of some of those supports.

For further details on the services provided at Waterford’s Local Enterprise office see www.localenterprise.ie/Waterford