Food Starter Programme

Waterford City
Tuesday, 18th June & 9th July 2019
9.30am to 5.00p.m.

This 2 day programme is designed to help those at an early stage of starting up their food or drink manufacturing business.


Please note change of Date

Tuesday, 18th June & 9th July 2019

The objective of the two days is to provide the participants with a base knowledge of what is involved in setting up a food or drink manufacturing business.  The content is designed to provide participants with information which will allow them to avoid the pitfalls normally associated with this journey.  Ideally, participants should have previously completed a Start Your Own Business Programme.  This programme content assumes participants have acquired business knowledge to run a successful business e.g. must already understand the basics of setting up a business, tax compliance rules, creating a business plan etc.

For those considering applying for the Food Academy programme in the future, this programme will provide an excellent opportunity to boost your chances of securing a place.  The Food Starter programme is a pre-requisite for those planning to go on and participate in the Food Academy.

The programme content is not suitable for those planning to open a café, restaurant or foodservice operation.

The programme content is focused on food and drink and is therefore less suitable for those producing "near foods" such as pet food, health supplements, etc.