SEO Health Check - Live Online Training

Wed 30th September
2pm - 5pm
I.T. Training

Learn how to make your website more accessible to the most important people to your organisation - the customer.

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SEO Health Check - Live Online Training

At the end of the workshop each participant will have evaluated their own website SEO and will have the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to implement their website SEO themselves or in conjunction with their web team.

At the end of the workshop(s) each participant will:

  • Be able to audit their website SEO
  • Have the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to optimise their site for search engine like Google
  • Understand how usability impacts their website SEO

Topics Covered

  • SEO vs. Google Ads: understanding how SEO differs to Google advertising.
  • How search engines work – understanding of how Google ranks pages
  • The different types of search engine listings e.g. Local listing, Featured listing, etc.
  • How to optimise web pages and content for search engines
  • Page speed – testing page speed
  • Schema mark-up: what it is, why it is important
  • External links – why links are paramount to the success
  • Content marketing
  • Tracking and monitoring

Participants will be emailed a SEO audit document prior to the training; they will complete this as part of the training course.


Participants should be able to access their website in a PC/Laptop for the day (not a tablet). It is important that the participants can navigate from Zoom to their web browser (preferably Chrome) and back during the session to be able to complete the practical elements.


This workshop is being hosted by Sandra - Director of Be:Dynamic Digital Marketing.

Be:Dynamic was formed with the objective to provide effective digital marketing training, consultancy and services in Ireland. Sandra deeply understands how difficult it can be to run a business especially in these hard times and how important your digital marketing strategy will be to bring in much-needed sales.