Youtube for Business - Waterford City May 2018

Ramada Viking Hotel, Cork Road, Waterford City.
Wednesday 9th of May, 2018
9.30am to 4.30pm

This full day workshop is for companies looking to promote their business using YouTube. It will help you Evaluate YouTube to enhance your business; learn how to create, edit and publish YouTube video, generate quality content; Tips/tricks for filming. Laptops/Tablets required.


Youtube for Business

Next to Google, Youtube is the worlds second largest search engine. Website visitors are more likely to watch an online video on your website than they are to read 3 pages of text. This one day workshop will help you:

  • Understand the benefits Youtube can have to a business
  • Understand the value of Youtube to a brand and measuring it's success
  • How to create a Youtube video for your business with no budget
  • How to create a Youtube video alert
  • Evaluating Youtube in relation to the participants and how it can enhance their business
  • Create a Youtube video
  • Learn how to use the free video editing software available
  • Tips and Tricks on filming, cast directions and editing
  • How to create a Youtube channel for your Business
  • How to generate quality content that their market / viewers will watch online

Participants on this course will require a laptop/tablet.

This full day workshop is being delivered by Ronan Cleary of Eagle Dreams.