Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme (Waterford)

Did You Know . . . There are more than 1 million older people (65+), living and shopping in Ireland and this is set to double by 2051. Older people account for up to 50% of all consumer spending in the EU.

With this in mind, the Waterford Age Friendly Alliance is currently preparing an Age Friendly Businesss Recognition Programme. Being certified as an Age Friendly Business is easy to achieve, may be cost neutral and will open up the possibilities of new business opportunities.

The process is broken into 4 steps:

Step 1: Identify a staff member to act as a champion for age friendliness

Step 2: The champion participates in our two-hour online Age Friendly Business workshop and starts to develop ideas for your business

Step 3: Consult - Ask your older customers and your colleagues what could be improved? What could your business do better.

Step 4: Implement - Develop and implement 3 actions, receive your Charter and get recognized as an Age Friendly Business.


The Age Friendly Business workshop is taking place on Thursday October 28th at 10am via Zoom.


If you are interested in participating and helping to make Waterford a great place to live and grow older in, please contact Kevin Moynihan directly on to register your participation.