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Are you thinking of moving to Ireland to live?  

The new #hometowork campaign is highlighting the resources and initiatives that are creating the conditions for you to come home to live and work. Please see on our site a range of information resources designed to help as you prepare to live and work in Ireland. Look now on https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/coming-home/

#hometowork aims to start a conversation at home and among the Irish diaspora abroad about coming back to Ireland to live and work. The campaign will showcase the attractiveness of Ireland as a place to return to for doing business, to make investment in or to live in, and will encourage Irish people living abroad to consider moving back to Ireland. The hashtag #hometowork will be used to drive this conversation.

The campaign will centre on the run-up to Christmas and the beginning of January 2016, when many Irish people living abroad come home to visit family and friends. There will be clear communication of the message ‘we want you back’.

Communicating with the Irish diaspora is a key element of Global Irish: Ireland’s Diaspora Policy, and was recently a recurring theme in discussions at the Global Irish Economic Forum. Ireland currently has the fastest growing economy in Europe and, with 56,0001 more people employed in the last year and unemployment rate down to 8.9%2, now is a good time to encourage the Irish diaspora to consider moving back to Ireland to participate in our economic recovery. In order to raise awareness among Irish people living abroad that opportunities are available to live, work or set up a business in Ireland, the #hometowork information campaign has been developed.

Look now at

  • Thinking of coming #hometowork? Find out how to come home in 2016: www.hometowork.ie
  • Missing home? Take a look at the jobs available on www.jobsireland.ie Well over 110,000 jobs were advertised there so far this year #hometowork
  • Looking for info on moving back to Ireland? Visit https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/coming-home/ #hometowork
  • From pets to pre-school, check out useful information on making the move back to Ireland https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/coming-home/ #hometowork
  • Thinking about moving home to Ireland but not sure where to find more info? Check out https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/coming-home/ #hometowork
  • 80+ govt supports totalling over €bn are available to help you start a business in Ireland #hometowork http://supportingsmes.ie/
  • Want to come home and start a business in Ireland? Visit startinireland.com @entirl #hometowork
  • Did you know? Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe. Why not think about coming #hometowork?
  • Over 1,000 jobs were created every week in Ireland in the past year. Come #hometowork
  •  56,000 jobs were created in