Invitation to Tender - Student Enterprise Programme Workshops 2019/2021

The Student Enterprise Awards (hereafter referred to as SEA) is a national enterprise education programme for secondary school students aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, through the practical experience of setting up and running a mini-business.

This document is an Invitation to Tender to promote and coordinate the complete Student Enterprise Awards Programme (SEA) for the Local Enterprise Office Westmeath among second level schools within County Westmeath The provision of a quality schools Enterprise Programme is central to the Local Enterprise (LEO) enterprise promotional activities.

Schools in Westmeath mostly participate in the Senior category section, but over the last couple of years we have noticed large number applicants at junior category, although we can’t predict what the next academic year will bring. In past years, a School final has taken place in each participating school with teams selected to go forward to the County final by judges selected by the LEO. The County Final takes place at beginning of March each year and the National Finals take place in May


The LEO is now accepting proposals for the Coordination/Delivery of Visits and the County Final of the Student Enterprise Awards programme


Workshop 1 -  Idea Generation & Teamwork Kick start workshop (September)

This workshop is designed to introduce the SEP to students, as well as assist them with the generation of useable ideas for their business project. Brainstorming will form a major part of this session. Other topics to be covered include analysis of previous year’s entrants, what judges look for (innovation is very important) and use of the Student Enterprise Programme workbook/website material

Teamwork will also be covered in this session – are you a team player, what makes a good team, roles and responsibilities.

This workshop can be in the form of 1 or 2 large workshops to cover a number of schools together or 1 workshop per school. LEO Westmeath will cover the cost of hire of room for students for this workshop only if to be held in central locations to cover various schools. 

A series of 2 further in-school workshops to aid students in running their mini-companies. (1 pre Christmas, 1 after) 

Workshop 2 - Market Research/Production/Costing & Pricing (Oct/Nov)

Topics to be covered are:

  • Organising students to cover the different business areas – production, marketing, finance and reporting.
  • Market Research – how do you know if there is a market?
  • Production – how are you going to get the product made / service provided – explore the options
  • Costing – how to cost your product/service.

Workshop 3 - Selling/Finance (Dec)

Topics to be covered are:

    • Marketing – now that you have a product how are you going to let people know about it?
    • How to win sales – consider options for selling to customers outside the school environment if possible
    • Finance – the importance of setting a budget, managing the books, and preparing accounts. Look at the tools you can use to make sure you have a proper handle of your company’s finances 

Workshop 4 - Preparing for County Final (Jan/Feb)

This workshop should help students preparing for the school’s final (if applicable) and for the County Final. 

And should cover topics to be covered:

  • Business Plan - essential to follow the guidelines provided by the Student Enterprise Programme – cover every section especially finances – projections and actual costings.
  • Display Stand - Display materials for your stand and organise your group to cover the different business areas, normally production, marketing, finance and reporting. Do your market research to see if the market will want what you intend to provide and set out a plan to organise how and when you will make and sell your product or service

 The closing date for receipt of tenders is Friday, 30th August 2019 @2:00pm. 

The full tender document can be downloaded here