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LEO Westmeath launches our Spring/Summer 2017 suite of training courses

LEO Westmeath offers a wide range of courses, workshops and clinics designed to benefit new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Courses range from half a day to several days in length and are heavily subsidised in price. All LEO courses are delivered by experienced and highly capable business consultants and trainers who specialise in their respective areas.

The flagship course of the programme on offer is our Start Your Own Business course which is run over 4 days and can be completed at two locations in County Westmeath.  There are also sector-specific courses relevant to particular industries (food, tourism etc.) along with many short courses and workshops which can be applied to any business. Specific topics relevant to today's dynamic business environment are also featured e.g. workshops to learn about tendering for government contracts, tech-industry-orientated clinics, social media courses and much more.

Click here to see our brand new brochure full of courses for Spring 2017.

You can easily book a place on any of our courses, workshops and clinics here.