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Making It Happen - for Irish Businesses

It's one thing to have a good business idea, and it's another thing entirely to bring it to life. Yet, every year, thousands of Irish people start, grow and successfully expand businesses.

Your Local Enterprise Office plays a major role in this, offering expertise, know-how and financial support to Irish businesses, enabling them to grow and thrive. If you have a good idea, for a start-up or an existing business, talk to us. Together, we can make it happen

See how we've helped make it happen for three Irish businesses

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Irene Queally, Pip & Pear
With invaluable support from her Local Enterprise Office in Waterford, Pip & Pear founder Irene Queally has seen her business develop from a simple idea into a thriving business. Today, Pip & Pear are expanding and developing new products. 
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Alan Hickey and Sean Murray, WeBringg
Turning online sales into same day deliveries is the business idea behind WeBringg. Advice and support from their Local Enterprise Office helped make it a reality. So much so that WeBringg is now working with Enterprise Ireland to expand into even more international markets. 
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Peter Morrow, Skylark Electric Attic Stairs
Brexit seriously threatened UK sales of Skylark Electric Attic Stairs. But specialised Brexit mentoring and financial supports from the Local Enterprise Office in Galway allowed Skylark future-proof their business.  

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