Request for Quotations for Training & Webinars to be ran online over the coming months due to covid-19

Due to the difficult times that we are experience due to Co-Vid 19, LEO Westmeath are reaching out and asking trainers/mentors/consultants who have expressed an interest in working with us to send us a quotation for the following online programes that will need to be delivered online via skype/email and via live training through zoom or whatever platform you are willing to use.


Please submit the course proposal no later than Wednesday 1st April at 5pm.  It must include the cost and course details.  The course could be in the form of a webinar or programme, so please be specific. 

 Training Programmes 



Proposed Content

(not limited to suggestions)

Leading/Helping your Business through Covid 19

5 x 2 hour live online sessions

Examining problems as they arrive and look at problem solving, risk assessment / how to stay focused / maintaining business links etc




Finding potential marketing opportunities for your business

2 to 3 hours online programme (please quote hourly rate only)

Building a marketing plan, selling in tough times / setting up virtual communications structure / keeping your business relevant




Cashflow Management in a Crisis / Cash Management in a crisis

5 days spread over 2/3 weeks of approx. 2 hours a day.

Cash & Liquidity challenges / funding options / employee costs & options / impact on creditors / managing debtors.




Social Media Bootcamp

5 days spread over 2/3 weeks of approx. 3 to 4 hours per day

Instagram / Video Marketing / Facebook Ads / Selling Online / implementing a digital marketing plan online.




Marketing Online

2 to 3-hour online course – 1 course per topic - (please quote hourly rate only)

Instagram / Video Marketing / Facebook Ads / implementing a digital marketing plan online.



 The webinar will take place online and will provide an overview of topic while allowing for group discussion between attendees.  The duration will be 2 hours.  Attendees will sign up and be given the free link to the webinar after booking the form.  Please quote hourly rate!


  1. Assisting Retail Business – Leading Retail Business in these difficult times
  2. Assisting Food Companies – Food Opportunities
  3. Social Media Tactics in Current Climate
  4. HR Solutions – Employer Advice / HR Practices


Please submit a course proposal by filling out the Training Programme Template.docx (size 239.6 KB) form to be submitted no later than Wednesday 1st April at 5pm by email to It must include the cost and course details. 

At this moment in time we are currently only looking to run the above programmes. 

Insurance: Relevant professional insurance and any other relevant insurances as required  is a pre-condition for contract award and Tenderers are therefore requested to declare that they are in a position to submit up to date relevant insurances indemnifying Westmeath Local Authority from and against all and any losses, claims, demands, damages or expenses which Westmeath Local Authority may suffer in the course of this work if/when requested



  • This training is aimed at owner/managers or employees of businesses, start-up businesses or those thinking of starting a business
  • We reserve the right to stipulate the specific dates and course times, at the time of scheduling the course. 
  • Trainers may be required to complete a pre/post course questionnaire via telephone or email with participants.
  • These courses may be run once, more than once or not at all, depending on the demand and availability of funding.
  • Expected number of participants attending each course will range from 5 to 25. 
  • The Company / Consultant to be engaged shall be required to submit additional promotional material to assist the Local Enterprise Office Westmeath promote the soft support programmes in our marketing campaigns e.g. training brochures, website, etc. 
  • For delivery of training programme/clinics, trainers are expected to be ready at least half an hour before start time and to ensure their equipment and any other pc’s etc. ready to go at start time.
  • Trainers can invoice on completion of programme with all supporting documentation to be included (attendance sheet/evaluation/reports. Invoices/supporting documentation must be submitted within 10 days of completion of course.
  • Local Enterprise Office Westmeath always expects trainers to be representative of LEO and include LEO branding on all paperwork and materials.
  • Payment terms are in line with Westmeath County Council payment policy (available on request).  The payment process only commences when all file information is submitted and queries on payments should be directed to accounts payable.